Howdy Tribe!

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Who we are

Day Makers are people who get the world is so much more than what you can take, make or buy! We see hurt in the world and create a little light of humanity in the suffering. Maybe that’s a shared meal, a kind word to a stranger or something so much bigger. A little thing to you, a game changer for someone else!

There are those in the world who can give by monetary means, in time available and in prayerful, meditative ways.

Although we practice “walking in the shoes of Jesus,” we welcome all visions of that spirit.

Be Kind
Be Generous
Be Grateful

UPDATE: July 30, 2017

We are now also a voice, for those with no voice. Jordan Decker of Day Maker Tribe, will be coming to a community near you to have the hard conversations about being trans. If we aren’t near your location, that means you were meant to bring us to you. Let’s talk bathrooms, gyms, locker rooms, inside, outside, schools, and grocery stores.

I am a Human,doing human things.
You are a Human doing human things.
Let us meet here.

Let’s sit and chat a while!

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