We are a safe, affordable, post-op recovery house for you and your caregiver to stay while you are healing from gender affirmation surgery.  Our location is not public so we just look like a regular house in a regular neighborhood. Our next-door neighbors know who we are and respect our desire to remain anonymous and are friendly and helpful to our guests and our mission.

We have an incredible team of volunteers who provide 3 dinner home cooked meals per week for our guests and caregiver. We also keep the house stocked with breakfast and lunch staples like milk, eggs, bread, spaghetti, etc. You are welcome to bring your own food and we have room to store it at the house. For the other meals or items outside our staples list, you can order in from great restaurants nearby or use Instacart, etc.

We refer folks to Marin Airporter to book transportation to and from the airport. Destination is Anderson Dr, San Rafael and then a 10 min Lyft/Uber to the THL house in San Anselmo.  We have a small network of volunteers who may be able to assist with doctor appointments, depending on availability. Transportation is not guaranteed so we recommend arranging your transportation and coordinating with our Director as early as possible.

Due to our non-profit status we are unable to provide caregiving services. Therefore, we must require that you bring your own caregiver. Each room has 2 beds, one for you and the other for your caregiver.
If you do not have a caregiver, some resources are:  

Instagram @queercareinc — you can a post a request on the community lists.

Most importantly, we want you to stay with us. We want the honor to help care for you through one of the most important times in your life. Go to our reservations calendar to request your dates and submit a reservation request for your stay. Reservation request

For more general information you can send us an email at 

Education Outreach

If you would like us to come speak about transgender issues please contact us for more information.