We are a safe, affordable, post-op recovery house for you and your caregiver to stay while you are healing from gender conformation surgery. Go to our reservations calendar to book your stay.

We also provide some general services at a per hour rate if your care taker needs time for self care.Give us a call and we can chat about your needs.

Examples of general services:
-Shuttle to/from airport
-Service to doctor appointments. I’m happy to be an extra set of ears for you during the appointment.
-Meal prep
-General assistance that your care giver would provide for you.


We educate and advocate in the community we live in. We meet with different Faith leaders and community builders and have the hard conversations about what it means to be transgender, the gap in health and medical care, how micro-aggressions are harmful, transyouth suicide prevention, why we need a safe, affordable post-op house and more .

We will provide you with area resources for your community, access to the growing resources on our website. We can tailor our conversation from Trans 101, to deeper Spiritual conversations about my journey from female to male, depending on your needs.

This is a service that we provide for free. If you are interested in having Jordan come speak to your community, Please send us an email or give us a call.

Educational formats:
Sermon Time
Adult Ed Hour
Half Day Retreat


Housing is $150 per night. (scholarships may be available.) We use the honor system and trust you will pay what you are able.
General services rate is $25 per hour
Educational services are free


We operate on grants, donations and revenue from the room rentals. If you have a lead on grants, we are open to suggestions! Please prayerfully consider donating today and become a lifeline for authentic living!