Who We Are


Trans HeartLine builds bridges between Faith, Spirituality, and Gender through safe post-op housing and community education.

Trans HeartLine is a 501(3)c nonprofit. We have created safe, affordable, post-op housing in the Bay Area. We are focused on creating a healing environment in which Gender conformation surgery clients can focus on healing and not survival. Recovering in a safe environment contributes to faster healing with fewer complications.

We are educating and advocating in the Faith communities and beyond by having the hard conversations about what it means to be transgender and the challenges we face.

From our Founder

I had Gender Confirmation surgery in 2016. After living in the area and then moving away, the cost of coming back for surgery almost prevented the surgery itself. I had some minor complications and stayed 2 extra weeks. With housing, food, medical supplies and the cost of my own caretaker for 6 weeks, the cost was over 10k just for recovery. Not covered by insurance.

I saw a need and I am filling it with a compassionate setting for others recovering from Gender Confirmation Surgery. We have a particular path on this journey called life. We shouldn’t have to struggle because a “system” doesn’t understand. We should just love one another right where we are.

In the Spirit of sharing, I had the idea of sharing my home to help others in March of 2016. After a year long recovery journey, in November of 2017, we gathered 15 folks together to talk about making this idea, a reality. We had area doctors, nurses, attorneys, allied health care workers, Faith leaders and more gathered on November 20, TDOR (Transgender Day of Remembrance) to begin the tides of change.

I am privileged enough to have insurance that covered the largest part of my surgical procedures. It also provided me with 100 home health visits. My spouse called 24 different agencies in the area and not ONE of them said they knew how to treat my wounds! Because of this, we are taking this next year to work closely with others to develop and provide wrap-around care services as well.

At Trans HeartLine we are making the “Word flesh” by becoming the “hands and feet” in the world. Many of us come from broken families that reject us because of their faith. My own journey was painful and full of me “going to Hell”. We are now out in the community having the hard conversations about trans topics from Youth suicide rates (57% attempts) to Gender Conformation surgery, to Spiritual abuse and the affects particular to Transgender folks. 

Everyone deserves to live life authentically. The system isn’t set up for the margins. With your generous donations, we are helping the margins by creating a healing environment, so we can embody our authentic self and re-activate back into society wholly us.

Thank you for prayerfully considering the gift of life as we walk into authenticity.

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