Trans HeartLine, Inc

Currently the Trans HeartLine house is closed as of March, 2024.

Trans HeartLine is on the move…..

A larger house, a new location??

After a very successful 6 years of providing our transgender guests and caregivers with a safe, supportive and loving house for post-op care in Marin County, we have been presented with several challenges that are now making it very difficult for our guests to stay in Marin.

When we first opened in 2018, there were a number of doctor groups providing affirmation surgery right here in Marin. Since COVID, those doctors have moved their practices into San Francisco and also out of state. This has made it very difficult for our guests in that they now have to commute longer distances for surgery and post-op care. Since COVID, Lyft and Uber prices have more than doubled. (A ride from SFO to THL is $98). The feedback is that the added costs have become too much for our guests and they want to be in closer proximity to their doctor’s care.

We also need a larger house with a single level and more rooms and bathrooms. The stairs in our two-level house necessitate that certain surgeries cannot be on the top floor.  We actually have had to turn potential guests away for that very reason. Additionally, Funding for LGBTQIA+ issues has plummeted to an all-time low.

After much thought, deliberation, and assessing what our guests require now, the THL Board of Directors has come to a very difficult decision that the Marin THL house will close by March 1st, 2024. We are assessing these changes and find it is a time to begin a transition plan to explore further our future. Our location may be different – but our mission will be the same – to create hospitality, safety and community for our transgender community who are transitioning into who they truly are.

Please check back as we will keep the website updated.

updated 3/2024