Guest Housing Grants and Guest Operational Expenses

Trans HeartLine seeks to provide affordable post-op housing and caregiver resources for transgender affirmation surgery. The most often asked questions when someone calls or writes are: “Can you help me with housing costs?”, “Can you help me with caregiver costs?”.

We at Trans HeartLine are filling a gap in the healthcare system. Post-op housing is a vital service that health insurance does not cover, yet the doctors require a minimum stay in town, accompanied by a caregiver, in order to receive a transition related surgery. It is a huge expense for a friend or relative to take time off to care for someone having gender related surgery! These costs (housing, caregiver, food, transportation, medical supplies) can run between $2000 – $2500 for a one week stay. Some guests are required to stay 3-4 weeks at a time.

Through your donations to our Guest Housing Grant and Guest Operational Expense Fund, you can partner with us in our ability to offer these much needed financial grants to our guests and help those who are on their way to living fully into their authentic self.
Thank you for this much needed help!

Guest Housing/Operational Expense Grant Fund

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If you would like to start your own FaceBook fund raiser for us, an easy way to help support our work is to reach out to your Facebook community for donations by following this link and creating a fundraiser for THL.

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