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Jordan Decker had a dream following his gender affirmation surgery in 2015. When recovering from surgery, he went to over 20 health care service agencies and could not find the support he needed. Jordan knew that if he had insurance and could not receive care, then what about so many others who had little or no insurance? Therefore, his dream was to open a house where transgender people having affirmation surgery could come and receive a radical welcome, support, and loving care. 

With his dear friend Rev. Janie Spahr, founder of the Spahr Center in Marin, Jordan gathered some 10 nurses, doctors, attorneys, religious leaders, and transgender friends and began to make his dream a reality.  For over a year, they went to work to find a place where his dream could come true.  With support from the staff of San Francisco Theological Seminary (now the University of Redlands), on November 20 2018, his dream became a reality with a beautiful home where transgender folks going through their affirmation surgeries could find rest and healing.

His passion for this kind of housing put in place a model of care and true hospitality. Jordan preached, spoke, taught and trained volunteers from the Spahr Center, faith communities, and the San Francisco bay area who caught his dream. This wonderful house has given safety and respite for many guests and their caregivers, who come to also receive healthy delicious meals weekly from volunteers of 9 organizations including multifaith traditions and an LGBTQ+ Seniors group.

Jordan has many dreams to work for the rights of transgender people. With this house in place and flourishing, Jordan was honored at the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20th, 2020 for his tireless efforts as founder of Trans HeartLine and all his work in our community for transgender people. His dream following that event is to create projects and open doors for transgender people to receive the many services they need.

The board of Trans HeartLine thanks him and will ensure his legacy of love and support, which is foundational in our work ahead. As we begin our search for a new staff during this interim time, we carry with us the hospitality and care he valued and gave to each guest.

With love,

Janie Spahr and the Trans HeartLine Board

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