Scholarship Fund

We have some great news to share! While our collaboration with the University of Redlands, Marin Campus is going swimmingly. We are quickly out growing our three bedroom townhome they have been so gracious to work with us on. It is time to look for a bigger place and there is nothing on campus for us to rent! We now have a house in our sights and are raising the funds for purchase!

If you would like to become a foundational supporter, you would be providing safe, affordable housing for for the Trans Community! Will you also partner with us to care for those of us who need a little extra help?

The average cost of a ONE week stay in the Bay Area to recover post-operatively for housing, transportation, food and medical supplies currently is between $2000-2500 depending on caregiver needs. Some guests are required to stay 3-4 weeks at a time. Thank you for your consideration in helping another human realize their potential and integrate wholly and fully as themselves!