Meet Our Treasurer

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Heather Deeb

Heather Johnston is currently on the ordination track for PCUSA. She completed her Master’s in Divinity at San Francisco Theological Seminary, now at the University of Redlands Graduate School of Theology in Marin California. She is under care at Westminster Presbyterian Church in San Diego. Heather is a Californian all the way through, but moved to Michigan during the pandemic with her husband, son, and 2 fur children (Andy, Eli, Ahab, and Elaina). Her husband, Andy, is a transman, and has inspired Heather to advocate for the trans community by using her white, cis privilege to amplify the voices of this community. They were recently married in a COVID style wedding (immediate family only), and are beginning their journey as a married couple by working with non-profits, and working tirelessly to try and make the world just a smidgens more bright for everyone. 

Heather comes with a variety of professional  experience. She spent most of her career working with children in the health care setting. Heather has a bachelors of science in public health to help support her goal to work for the good of humanity. She enjoys working on the sidelines providing essential administrative skills to support her work places and volunteer passions. She also enjoys being front and center delivering the WORD from the pulpit. The word’s of Fannie Lou Hamer “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free” rings through her bones when she takes on work in either the background or the forefront. She is willing to work in whatever capacity necessary to ensure even the smallest voices are lifted up.

During her time in seminary she attended the 223rd GA in St. Louis as a Theological Student Advisory Delegate. She was also elected by her peers as the moderator of the SFTS student council her senior year. Her passion for worship and connection drove her to be a chaplain’s assistant for 2 years at SFTS.  She was also the recipient of Rev. Donald Keuper’s pastoral robe, and was featured in SFTS’s alumni periodical, Chimes.